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Imlementing the Employee Wellness Program in your Organization
Employee Wellness Program - Interactive E-Learning Lifestyle Application
Benefits of the Employee Wellness Program for Managers
How to implement the Employee Wellness Program in your Organisation
Starting the Wellness Program - Assess your Health and Lifestyle
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Start the Employee Wellness Program - Allow 30-60 mins

Employee Wellness Program -
Implementation at Work

Want to educate, motivate, and empower your employees to make healthy lifestyle choices?

Then implement this wellness program in your organisation.

If you are the manager responsible for health and safety there are various ways you could do this.

Perhaps the simplest is to email all users with instructions to go here and complete the program within an agreed time period.

It's important to emphasize employees should consult their doctor if they are considering any lifestyle changes. You will find this message reinforced throughout the program.

You can also reassure employees that their profile information is confidential and is not recorded.